Tay Reem

Author of best-selling poetic novel Tales of Woe and upcoming collection of stories, Tales of Humanity.


T. Reem

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A mini book of poems about love, loss and moving on.


- Hope i Caught you

in a Solemn Mood


Tales of Woe - Paperback


Tales of Woe - Hardcover

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"I just wanted to create a safe space to quietly share my art. I never thought anyone would read it, much less like it. That safe space has now grown to include likeminded friends and generous supporters."

T. Reem

"An ambitious and evocative literary poetic novel" --Tales of Woe

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“No punches held here, this book will put you in the middle of situations you would not wish on anyone and then show you the unbreakable resilience of the human spirit.” -- Tales of Woe

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“This is such a pleasure reading. I can sense the author’s conviction in her words, as they paint very vivid pictures in each and every poem.” -- Tales of Woe

Amazon Review