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"I just want to write stories that stick with people, characters that feel authentic and moments that are so vivid, you'll believe it's happening to you too."

T. Reem

Tay Reem is a published author and poet, born in Nigeria and raised in a small town in Maryland. Driven by the need to tell compelling stories, Reem began her journey to authorship at just 11 years old. She sought out to create similar worlds she was so fond of reading about as a means to temporarily escape reality. Her debut book, Tales of Woe, was published October 2020. 


Inspired by her own childhood and every day human experiences, Reem channels her empathetic side as fuel for her work. Her academic background in psychology and previous work as a behavioral analyst, prepared her for a universe of complicated characters portraying the light, the grey and the dark side of humanity. Her next book is set to do just that - tell real narratives about regular people who do what any of us would do given the right circumstance. 

Reem has been featured in several publications such as Thrive Global, 360 magazine, Authority magazine and A Blue Million Books. She currently resides in Orange County California where she is hard at work on her second book. On her off days, you can usually find her on a hiking trail in the hills or off-roading in the desert.